Peter Langston's home page
Peter Langston's home page
Peter Langston's home page
Peter Langston's home page
Peter Langston's home page
Peter Langston's home page
Peter Langston's home page
Peter Langston's home page

Peter Langston's Home Page

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The Latest

    Miscellaneous Videos

3 Play Ricochet 3 Play Ricochet logo String Band Americana
  Bluegrass, Old-Time, Ragtime, Good Time
American Banjo Camp ABC logo ABC - A Summer 5-String Banjo, Fiddle, Mandolin,
& Guitar Workshop
in the Pacific Northwest
Dobro Jazz

Can you play jazz on the dobro?
Of course not!
Here's some proof with two dobros. . .
Dobro Chords dobro Find complex chords on the dobro using slants and open strings.
Banjo Chords banjo diagram Find complex (and simple) chords on the banjo.
Boogie-Woogie piano keyboard
Peter's computer program makes up a bit of boogie-woogie
Bluegrass Banjo Tune banjo
Peter's computer program makes up a Bluegrass Banjo Instrumental just for you
THE SEATLES Who? The Northwest Folklife Festival's Premier Beatles Sing-Along Band
P.Z.E.B. PZEB poster This started out in 1966 in Portland, Oregon, but came back to life in 2008 and 2013
Puddle City Puddle City logo The premier Portland Bluegrass Band in the Early 70s and again in 2010
PSGW logo Peter's Special Guide
to Workshops

Newer Projects

News? hair News doesn't happen very often... At least not like this!
(This news is from 3/24/2000 -- didn't I already mention that news like this doesn't happen very often?)
More News Who?
A few photographs from a trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.
Fun_People Archive Fun_People logo   The Fun_People mailing list/cyberzine
"It's ... er, interesting..."
And it's on sabbatical right now,
but the archives are open...
Race the River Jordan Race the River Jordan logo   An album of "New Old-time Fiddle Tunes"
by Mark Simos & Friends
English English Teacher It's a pretty cool language, but little bits of it keep falling off or sometimes they just get broken off by people who aren't paying attention...

Older Projects

Peter Langston's Papers [papers] Some about music, some about games, some about telephones, some...
The Metropolitan Opry [Opry logo]   A fixture in New York City
between 1977 and 1989.
Entropy Service [Entropy logo]   An innovative acoustic music quartet
that played its way
from Olympia, Washington in 1973
to Cambridge, Mass in 1975.
Wretched Refuse
String Band
CD cover   New York City's Premier Immigrant Old-Time Band
Empire map fragment I'm justifiably proud of this little program (started in 1972)...
The game is popular (and addictive) enough that there has almost always been a domain devoted to it. The current home of Empire seems to be, and you can find the Jargon File entry here and the computer dictionary definition here (and quite a few other places, e.g. the Hacker's Jargon File).
Oracle Oracle logo This one's only been around since 1975, but it's a winner, too!
Lucasfilm Games Ballblazer rotofoil
LFL logo
It became LucasArts, but we called it Lucasfilm Games when I started it in 1982.
Eedie & Eddie On The Wire synthesized voice duet graphic This tribute to Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood comes from 1986.
Usenix Computer GO Tournament GO Board We started the first American computer GO tournaments (at Usenix conferences). I even won once! Oog...

Peripheral Interests and Tangents

Greenwich Village
Music that defined a generation
Greenwich Village Movie A documentary about the place and time of my childhood
WFMU WFMU logo The Home of Freeform Radio (and then some)
Honking Duck Old-time Music Listen to old-Time Music from 78s


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