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Almost the original Metropolitan Opry band -- 1978 or so...

original band
left to right: Ken Perlman, Marty Laster, Will Osborne, Peter Langston.
(Marty wasn't the fiddler in the very first original band, Art Friedman was...)

A poster for some Opry gigs, circa 1980.

Mighty fine hats the boys are wearing, eh?
Triple banjo
Left to right: Terry King, Peter Langston, Will Osborne, & Joe Lauro.

A sound check for one of those delightful summer outdoor performances on Long Island ... 1986?

Puddle City Card
Left to right: Terry King, Will Osborne, Peter Langston, & Joe Lauro.

The (not 8x10) Glossy

Even the classy hats can't hide that I-just-escaped-from-prison look.
Puddle City in 1972
Left to right: Will Osborne, Joe Lauro, Peter Langston, & Terry King
(as if you couldn't guess by now).

I'm keeping my eye out for other bits and pieces left behind by the band. let me know via e-mail.

A Metropolitan Opry CD?

I have a live recording of a Metropolitan Opry performance in New York on April 5, 1990. Thirteen tunes got recorded (a little over 54 minutes total) and there's even a dramatic reading by Marty Laster, probably the only one ever recorded (at least we hope so).
If you would be interested in getting a CD copy of that performance, send me e-mail and ask about "Metropolitan Opry -- Live at the Cornelia Street Cafe" CAT-107CD.

blank CD

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