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I've been asked many times about the availability of papers I've written, and I never know what to tell people. Some of the papers were written for organizations that no longer exist, and some for organizations that are no longer pursuing the things I wrote about, and some for organizations that are trying to reinvent themselves without the past that I was a part of, and some appeared in journals that no longer exist, and so on.

So I'm collecting copies of my papers and making them available here, as my copious free time permits...


-- Peter Langston
January, 2005
Seattle, WA

The Influence of the UNIX Operating System on the Development of Two Video Games
A paper for the Spring, 1985 European Unix User's Group meeting.
(201) 644-2332 - Eedie & Eddie on the Wire, An Experiment in Music Generation
A paper for the Summer, 1986 Usenix Association meeting
Six Techniques for Algorithmic Music Composition
A paper for the 15th International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in Columbus, Ohio, November 2-5, 1989.
Getting MIDI from a Sun
In the days before every sound card had a MIDI connector, in the days before every computer had a sound card, in the days vefore every musician had a computer... I designed and built a MIDI interface and wrote a driver so MIDI devices could communicate with a Sun workstation in real time.
IMG/1 - An Incidental Music Generator
A paper describing a precursor to Band-In-A-Box(tm). This paper was published in Computer Music Journal in 1991.
Little Languages for Music
A large paper about little languages. It was originally published in the journal Computing Systems (Vol 3 No 2, Spring 1990) and then later republished as Little Music Languages in The Handbook of Programming Languages, edited by Peter Salus, (Macmillan, 1998).
Unix MIDI Tools
This is a short (12 pages) overview that was published in Software - Practice & Experience in June, 1990. It advertises a bunch of software that I designed and built while at Bellcore.
Report on the Workshop on Micro-Kernels and Other Kernel Architectures.
This USENIX workshop took place in Seattle, WA, April 27-28, 1992 and was fairly amusing. .
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