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28 Oct

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 92 17:28:02 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Bush-Rapping

From: Daniel.Steinberg@Eng.Sun.COM (Daniel Steinberg)

i con't remember if i forwarded this last week....sorry, my brain
has been a bit fried lately.

From: Robert Drucker <>

By the way, muchos thanks for all the humorous tidbits you've been
sending.  I've been meaning to send you some back, so here is
a rap lyric (also readable as a 7-couplet Shakespearean sonnet, if you
prefer) by yours truly, the redoubtable rapmaster RM Star.  It's in
response to a comment made by Dan Quayle during his debate in which he
seemed to be saying that inner city gang warfare was caused by high
capital gains taxes.

"Capital Gains Gangsta":

(Fade in to sampled track of Bill Clinton playing the Soviet national anthem
 on the saxophone.  Start tinny rhythm machine.)
life is death, pleasure is pain
due to excess taxation of capital gain
kid's don't care if they live or die 
cause venture capital's in short supply

they're shooting from cars all over the hood
cause the president's proposals are misunderstood
more kids are dead, more brothers in jail
cause voters won't listen to danforth quayle

we'd ditch our mac elevens and chill
if Congress would pass the President's bill
selling crack would seem pretty anal retentive
if we had more investment tax incentives

you wanna know why we're gangsta's? Just ax us:
it's cause Bill Clinton wants to raise your taxes

(Fade out with voice over loop of George Bush saying "never ever ever...")

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