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18 Sep
Re: NASA & Elvis on Earth => What is a scientist?

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Subject: Re: NASA & Elvis on Earth => What is a scientist?

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Subject: Most scientists are named Bob
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In the meantime, Adrienne Pasek's 5th grade have some thoughts to share on
"What is a scientist?"

    What is a Scientist?   by Room 14

A scientist can be any nationality, man or woman.

The men should wear black shoes and a tie.

Most scientists are named Bob.

Scientists have a college education and mustaches.

They dress in funny clothes, mostly white or blue.

Scientists drive ugly station wagons or vans, their ears are very big.

They experiment with lots of stuff and study a lot.

Scientists do all kinds of crazy things. They make bombs.

Scientists know more than regular people.

Scientists are usually in their twenties or thirties and they're bald.

Scientists experiment on frogs.

Scientists discover things that no one else has discovered and then they name
them right away.

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