Eedie & Eddie On The Wire

Eedie & Eddie, two DecTalk (tm) voice synthesizers, hosted a dial-up demo of algorithmic composition at Bellcore (Bell Communications Research) starting in 1985. That demo went "off the air" in 1990 (or so) but before they retired, Eedie & Eddie were interviewed by magazines like Scientific American and Newsweek, and even made a record, or rather, a CD (published as an accompaniment to Volume 3, Number 2 of the journal Computing Systems).

One of the selections on their CD was a remake of Lee Hazlewood's classic drunk- cowboy- meets- stoned- flower- child ballad "One Velvet Morning (When I'm Straight)." Although the Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra record of this song was not the least bit rastafarian, Eedie and Eddie considered that a cultural oversight that they were more than willing to correct.

Their band, the Reggaebots, also sings backup...

Click here to hear Eddie's introduction to the song... (200K)

Click here to hear the song "Some Velvet Morning" (by Lee Hazlewood)... (1.2 Meg)

Both sound files are .au format: 8000Hz sampling rate, mulaw, 8 bit.

Special thanks go to Brian Redman and WFMU (Home of Freeform Radio, 91.1 FM, East Orange, NJ) for inspiring this travesty.

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