The Fabulous 'S' Curves!

Fabulous Entertainment from Decades Past

The 'S' Curves feature three female vocalists in sparkling costumes singing tight harmonies, backed up by a great band that includes guitar, piano, bass, and drums.

The 'S' Curves take you back to the glamorous days of swing music and sister bands. Then it's on to Rock'n'Roll in the tradition of the fabulous girl groups of the 50's and 60's. Complete with costume changes to suit each era.

The 'S' Curves' music is danceable, with an emphasis on fun. This music, that we all grew up with and know the words to, is just right to bring new people together and give old friends a chance to kick up their heels.

The 'S' Curves can also provide dinner or cocktail music featuring piano, piano and vocalist, or a combo including guitar and bass.

The 'S' Curves can tailor the show to fit any event:


The 'S' Curves can help you plan your entertainment.

The 'S' Curves can even teach party-goers how to dance.

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