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"Music is a service industry." --Bob Brozman

2019 - Sad News

On January 8th, 2019 Linda Waterfall died after a long battle with cancer. Our world is different now.

1973-1974 - Entropy Service Quartet in Olympia, Wash.

Performing at the Inside Passage in Seattle, WA
left to right: Peter Langston, Linda Waterfall, Judy Cook, & J. B. White

A poster for the regular gig every week at the Inside Passage

Performing in "Natural light" at the Inside Passage
left to right: J.B., Linda, Peter, & Judy.

3 of 4
Close harmony!
left to right: Linda, Peter, & Judy.

The original Entropy Service EP record

ES record
An extended-play (EP) 7-inch 33-rpm record with one song from each member of the band:
GIVE IT A TRY - J. B. White
OVER THE MOUNTAIN - Linda Waterfall
SONGS TO MYSELF - Peter Langston
This original Entropy Service record is also the only Entropy Service record (unfortunately), but see below about Entropy Service CDs.

original band
The picture from the back of the record
left to right: Linda Waterfall, Peter Langston, J. B. White, & Judy Cook

1974 - Entropy Service Trio in Olympia, Wash.
(What? You don't want to count the ducky?!)

Entropy trio
left to right: Linda Waterfall, Peter Langston, & J. B. White
(not counting the duck).
Entropy trio
Entropy trio
Poster for a gig on Saturday, March 9th, 1974 in Bellingham
Poster for a gig on Wednesday, July 31st, 1974 in Bellingham
Poster for a gig at North Seattle Community College during a (pink) blood drive...

In concert in Portland, Ore.
left to right: Peter, J.B., & Linda

More of the same concert in Portland, Ore.
left to right: J.B., Peter, & Linda

Does it seem like enough instruments?
left to right: Conga drum, electric bass, bass amp, electric guitar, electric piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, guitar amp, acoustic guitar, stand-up bass, electric guitar, guitar amp, ...
Hey! Where's the banjo? ... and the slinky!?

1974-1975 - Entropy Service Quartet in Boston, Mass.

(What a lovely floral motif!)
Entropy quartet
left to right: Sharyle Patton, J. B. White, Peter Langston, & Linda Waterfall
A poster for what became regular gigs every week in Cambridge and Brighton

The original Entropy Service patch

Entropy Service patch
Some people say this is where it all began...

The original Entropy Service business card

Entropy Service Card

Note the elegant austerity
and discreet lack of information...

Entropy Service Products Department

Click here for...
T-Shirts or Mugs

An Entropy Service CD?

I plan to put together several CDs containing performances from Entropy Service's immense original repertoire.

The first CD, "Entropy Service '75 Live!" (CAT-111CD), is now available!

CAT-111CD contains songs recorded at two Boston area performances late in 1975. The band is the later Entropy Service Quartet. The audio quality gets lousy in spots, and there are a few strange noises (you'd almost think it was recorded in a bar or a restaurant), but the performances are wonderful!

The songs on this recording are:
· If I Could Sing Like Bing
· The Bird Song
· Endless Taxi
· Elizabeth
· When I Take My Sugar To Tea
· Sister Mary
· Wisdom Teeth
· Delayed Gratification (Waiting)
· Nobody In Town Can Bake A Sweet Jellyroll Like Mine
· Highland Road
· Stranger Twice Removed
· Tavern Boogie

To order CAT-111CD send a check or money order made out to Peter Langston for $18 ($15 + $3 packing & postage) to the Entropy Service address below. Be sure to include your postal address.

I have a few copies of the original Entropy Service EP record (made from genuine vinyl!) complete with the original Entropy Service record cover (a museum-grade art piece in its own right). Send a check or money order for $13 ($10 + $3 packing & postage) made out to Peter Langston to the address below. Make sure you mention the Entropy Service EP and include your postal address.

Entropy Service
c/o Peter Langston
9228 1st Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117-2003
ES record

The four songs on the Entropy Service EP are now available in CD form as "CAT-123 Entropy Service." To purchase a copy send $13 to the address above, or send $25 for a copy of the EP and a copy of the CD.

Entropy Service on KRAB radio

The KRAB radio archives include two Entropy Service sets. One from the Inside Passage in Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington, and one from the Cantab Lounge in Porter Square, Cambridge, Massachussetts. KRAB radio archives

I'm keeping my eye out for other bits and pieces left behind by the band.
    If you have any Entropy Service
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let me know via e-mail.

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